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93-061 Waipio Point Access Rd, Waipahu, hawaii, 96797 | 808-383-9470
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Waipio Soccer Complex: Hawaii's Home Field

Waipio Peninsula Soccer Stadium is a 4,500 seat soccer-specific stadium located on the grounds of the Waipio Soccer Complex in Waipio, Hawaiʻi. WPSS also boasts two main locker rooms, two training rooms, concession booths and administrative offices. The Waipio Soccer Complex is the first and only soccer facility of its kind in the State of Hawaii with 19 regulation fields, including a 5,000 seat stadium with lights for evening events. The complex covers 288 acres and is designed to serve the 30,000 soccer players on Oahu and numerous others who are interested in scheduling international tournaments in Hawaii. The complex will also be used to raise revenues by attracting soccer teams from the Mainland and other countries, who may wish to practice or sponsor tournaments at the facility. The Waipio Soccer Stadium is also the home field for the University of Hawaii women's soccer team. Local high school soccer championship games may also be held at the stadium. The stadium field plus 2 other fields will be lighted. The stadium includes concessions, locker rooms, restrooms, offices, a referee room and storage areas. Future plans call for the construction of an additional 4 soccer fields bringing the total up to 23.


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Prices vary per game or tournament.

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Open daily from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm.


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