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Aloha Stadium Swap Meet: Discover Hidden Treasures At The Flea

Discover unique treasures at Hawaii's largest open air flea market where the locals shop for the best deals in town only at Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. Discover hidden treasures at the Flea Market, Honolulu's open-air bazaar and shopping destination for all things Hawaiiana at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.The state's biggest open-air flea market with 400-plus stands. Small admission charge.
Wednesdays, Saturday and Sundays, hundred of venders start first thing in the morning setting up their tents in the dark around the stadium, circling around it almost a mile long multiple times to fit everyone in…thus creating an Aloha Stadium Swap Meet bazaar. You'll also find a wide variety of Hawaiian jewelry, handbags, locally designed and designer knockoff cloths, martial art weapons, house hold items, local artwork, and just about EVERYTHING Hawaiiana.  And lets not forget some hibiscus printed luggage to ship everything back in! Stay patient and continue to shop around once you've found something that you like, or learn how to bargain!  Almost everything is negotiable! there are some great local food booths as well, selling fresh local produce, flavorful island treats, and tempting lunch items!  And don't pass up on some refreshing coconut water. The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is such a fun experience with so much to offer! And it continues to evolve over the years.  Some folks come to discover the best deals to be found outside of Waikiki, while others are here to find that unique special gift that you just don't find anywhere.  Whatever draws you here…consider it one of the best Oahu shopping experience on the island! 


Prices -

Admission: $1.00 per person. Children 11 years and under are FREE.

Hours -

Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 3 pm.


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